The Kenblog: Top Ten Films Of The Summer!



Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog with another edition of The Kenblog! 

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The summer is behind us and while there were more than a few flops (“Ben Hur,” “Alice Through The Looking Glass”), This actually turned out to be a pretty decent summer at the movies in terms of quality.  You just had to look a little harder than usual to find them.  Some of these movies have been criminally under seen, but a lot of these flicks are still in theaters so you have some time to catch them before they eventually make their way to video.  Listed below is my list of the ten best films of the summer.  Feel free to comment below if you disagree! 


Number 10 – “The Nice Guys”


Shane Black, after a brief yet profitable visit to the world of Marvel movies, made a triumphant return to R-rated action comedies with the seventies themed gem about a lazy detective (Ryan Gosling) and a veteran leg-breaker (Russell Crowe) who team up to find the missing daughter of the District Attorney (Kim Basinger).  Crowe and Gosling are terrific together and the seedy side of 70s Los Angeles has never been so effectively sleazy.  It’s one of those films that didn’t attract a big audience, but deserves a look.  It’s now available on home video, so do yourself a favor and check it out!








Number 9 – “Don’t Breathe”


Fede Alvarez’s follow-up to his remake of “The Evil Dead” is a taut, twisty thriller that makes great use of confined spaces and features a brilliant performance by Stephen Lang as The Blind Man.   The third act reveal may put some off, but for me it was consistent with the Blind Man’s character and his motivations throughout the picture.  It’s been a good summer for horror and “Don’t Breathe” was one of the best of them.   Great work from Alvarez regular Jane Levy as the ultimate woman on the run.