The Kenblog: The Opening Sequence In “Saving Private Ryan” Is The Most Harrowing Way To Honor The D-Day Invasion!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a one way I can honor those who fell during the historic invasion of Normandy, or D-Day, which is marking it’s 80th anniversary this week. A lot of the classic war films of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s had their hearts in the right place, but neither the technology or the inventiveness to make it truly immersive. Then Steven Speilberg comes along in 1998 and knocks our collective socks off with “Saving Private Ryan.” While an excellent movie all around, “Saving Private Ryan” really excells in the opening 10 minute in which Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) and his team land on the beach at Normandy. It’s exciting, enthralling, and terrifying all in equal measure and nothing that follows quite matches it. I can’t think of a better way to honor those who fell than by showing the closest approximation to the terror that those brave soldiers went through. Keep that in mind as you watch this clip! So Sayeth The Kendog!

Dog’s Movie House: “In A Violent Nature,” “The Watchers” Uneven Films With Interesting Ideas!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at two different horror films that, in their attempt to deliver something original to the genre, can’t quite overcome their structural and narrative problems to become the excellent films they were hoping to become. The first is “In A Violent Nature” which released last week and is about an undead serial killer trying to retrieve a locket taken from his burial ground in the woods. The next is “The Watchers” a supernatural horror film about a group of people stuck in a bunker in an enchanted forest surrounded by burrowing creatures who like to watch them at night as a form of. . .entertainment? Both films carry interesting ideas, but also present some somewhat glaring problems that making both films only fitfully entertaining.

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Dog’s Movie House: See “IF” And “Furiosa” Before They’re Gone!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here and I find myself pondering the strange phenomenon of underperfoming movies at the start of the summer season! “The Fall Guy,” “IF,” and “Furiosa” are all excellent films with some origninal ideas and fantastic performances, yet the general audiences seem to be staying away from the multiplex. I have some theories, of course, but they don’t come down to the usual “this movie is just another comic book movie” or “nobody wants to see this film because it sucks.” Two films in particular should be generating a lot more interest then they are at this point. Are prices of everything so high that folks are choosing to excise the process of going to the theater to save money? Or are the streaming choices available now squeezing the theaters out of business? Whaterver the reason, both “IF” and “Furiosa” are suffering for it.

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Radio Daze: Some “Gunsmoke” For Your Old Radio Listening Enjoyment!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with another episode of Radio Daze. This week we’re featuring the classic old western Gunsmoke. Featuring the deep-voiced William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon of Dodge City. Theater of the mind made Conrad seem like he was ten feet tall. Featuring the voice talents of Parley Baer, Howard McNear, and Georgia Ellis, Gunsmoke was one of the most mature, well acted westerns in old radio that also led to one of the most popular television shows of all time. Enjoy the programs! So Sayeth The Kendog!

The Trailer Dog Park: New “Deadpool & Wolverine” “Quiet Place: Day One” Trailers To Get You Excited For This Summer!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with another edition of the Trailer Dog Park. This edition features new trailers for two of the summer’s most anticipated movies. First we have “Deadpool & Wolverine” in which the Merc With A Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) finally teams up with frenemy Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to stop the universe from exploding. Looks like the same type of R-rated action and humor we’ve come to expect from Deadpool. Next we have the prequel film “A Quiet Place: Day One” which shows the first days of the deadly alien invasion that brings the deadly Night Angels to Earth. It looks like a terrific edition to the excellent franchise. Enjoy and feel free to comment either here or on my Facebook Page! So Sayeth The Kendog!

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