Dog’s Movie House: “The Fabelmans” Is Spielberg At His Most Personal!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at Steven Spielberg’s latest, and perhaps, most personal film. It’s called “The Fabelmans” and it’s a fictionalized version of Spielberg’s youth in post-World War II America. It charts the childhood of young Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel Labelle) the only son of Burt and Mitzi Fabelman (Paul Dano And Michelle WIlliams). As a young child he sees his first film, “The Greatest Show On Earth” and he’s absolutely captivated by the spectacle, especially the show stopping trainwreck that highlights the film. That scene in particular both torments and fascinates him and sets young Sammy on a path that leads him to make movies. During the course of his childhood and adolescence Sammy face the challenges of anti-Semitism, moving from state to state as his father continues to change jobs, and the stress of dealing with the spectre of divorce.

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