Dog’s Movie House: “The Creator” Another Winner From Gareth Edwards!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at a delightfully entertaining piece of science fiction from director Gareth Edwards, the director of the hit Star Wars film “Rogue One.” The one’s an original story called “The Creator” and it involves a former soldier named Joshua (John David Washington) who is encouraged to help the human military in their fight against rogue AI. Any form of Artificial Intelligence is banned in America after an AI attack ten years prior resulted in the nuclear destruction of Los Angeles. Joshua is tasked with finding an ultimate weapon that could turn the tide of the war for the AI, but things take a turn when he finds that said weapon is a cybernetic child (Madeleine Una Voyles). Changing circumstances necessitate that Joshua protect the little girl (who he names Alphie) and both end up being hunted by both man and machine.

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