The Kenblog: “Is There A Rationale For Taking Away The Guns From Elmer Fudd And Yosemite Sam?

Now HBO Max are doing Looney Tunes in a similar style to the old ones with one interesting omission: Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam are no longer packing heat. There’s at least one cartoon in which Elmer’s taking after Bugs with, of all things, a scythe, but no boom-boom in the firearm sense.

Now before I continue I’m not one of those guys who thinks these new cartoons are a betrayal of my childhood and all of that other kind of crap. I’m not overly bent out of shape over it but I do find myself confused. If the omission were to curtail the over-the-top violence in these toons I could understand, but this shorts still feature cannonballs, sticks of dynamite, anvils, and everything else Acme has to offer. Is being blasted by a cannon less violent than being blasted with Elmer’s shotgun? I think not.

Now as I said before, I’m not trying to change the minds of the creative minds behind these new cartoons. I’m just trying to understand the “why” of it, if you take my meaning. I’ll always have the original cartoons to keep my ever-aging ass company. It’s just that these creative decisions don’t seem to have a whole lot of merit. Elmer’s a hunter! Guns are kind of part of the uniform. Sam’s a little different as the new cartoon above shows. But he spends a great deal of time as a cowboy. Again, guns are part of the whole cowboy gig. And in the toon above, Sam uses a chainsaw an a whole bunch of dynamite. It doesn’t make sense to me and maybe it doesn’t have to: the new Looney Tunes are a big hit on the new HBO Max channel and have garnered a lot of fans.

I just won’t be one of them. So Sayeth The Kendog!

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