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Dog’s Movie House: “Da 5 Bloods” Ambitious, Unwieldy, Harrowing, Timely!”

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at two new releases that would normally be making their way to the cineplex but due to current circumstances are available on a couple of the more prominent streaming sites. First we’ll start with “Da 5 Bloods” Spike Lee’s latest about the bonds of four soldiers who served in the Vietnam War. Next we’ll look at “Artemis Fowl” a long delayed Disney release making it’s way to Disney+ today!

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Dog’s Movie House: What To Watch This Week!

Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog Some Micro reviews for the last two weeks!


Spike Lee is back with probably one his most compelling features in years and Jason Statham takes on a giant shark!  Tom Cruise is ruling the box office again with another addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise and Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are teaming up for a buddy spy comedy.  It’s been a full last two weeks at the theaters and as we head into August it’s time to see just what’s worth watching! Continue reading

The Kenblog: “Oscars” Diversity Controversy Indicative Of Larger Problem!



Howdy folks!  It’s The Kendog!





Phew!  I wonder if the folks in Hollywood are secretly loving all of this “controversy” over “lack of diversity” in the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards.  Let’s face it:  the Oscars, despite taking place in the liberal Hollywood biosphere, is represented by a decidedly slanted panel of old white men.  The governing body of the Academy awards was, as of 2013, represented by 93% whites and 77% males with only 2% of the governing body being black.  Is it any wonder why there is a dearth of black representation in the Oscars.  The question is: does it really matter? Continue reading