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The Kenblog: A Remembrance Of September 11, 2001!


Howdy folks!  It’s The Kendog!


I’m not much for politics or organized religion, though I do have my own personal beliefs concerning both, but fourteen years ago an event occurred that, to this day, transcends those opinion oriented ideals and creates a sense of common ground for everyone, regardless of race, religious or sexual preference, or even nationality.  The terrorists attacks on the Twin Towers still serve as a watershed moment for our country in which we looked evil in the eye and had to find the courage to collectively not blink.  It is an event that informs our everyday lives even fourteen years later, birthing a culture of fear in this country that we still haven’t erased from our collective emotional center.  Change is often slow, especially in a country as large and diverse as ours, but change is also inevitable.  I hope we can one day make to a place where fear and anger do not rule our everyday lives.  I hope for a time when we can embrace all faiths and nationalities as brothers and sisters again as I believe the melting pot of the United States is ideally suited.   I hope we can grow and learn beyond the events of 9/11 without ever forgetting the cost of the actions of that terrible day.  Below is what I consider to be a fitting tribute video for the day.  And as always, our prayers and thoughts are with those who lost during that terrible tragedy.  Continue reading