Oliver Stone

The Dogcast: “The Blair Witch,” “Snowden” Lead The Way!


Howdy Folks!  Welcome to another edition of the Dogcast! 

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Today I’m talking about “Snowden” and “The Blair Witch!”  “Snowden” is an interesting flick that may be a little too slanted in the favor of its title character, but that is to be expected in an Oliver Stone film.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fantastic and the main reason to watch the film.  Meanwhile, “The Blair Witch” is a disappointing sequel seventeen years in the making.  The novelty of the found-footage subgenre of filmmaking has lost its luster and this film is all buildup with no payoff.  Listen to the full cast below, feel free to watch the clips afterward and always feel free to comment.  Enjoy the Dogcast and we’ll be talking to you soon!  So Sayeth The Kendog! Continue reading