Monkey Man

Dog’s Movie House: “Monkey Man” Energetic Debut From Actor Dev Patel!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at actor Dev Patel’s directorial debut, an action-revenge thriller set in India called “Monkey Man.” In the film, Patel plays The Kid, a young man on a mission of revenge against the corrupt chief of police who is responsible for the death of his mother. Flashbacks parse out the information that show The Kid as, uh, a smaller kid when his village is burned and people slaughter by the corrupt police force led by Chief Rama (Sikander Kher) in the service of a sinister religious leader-turned-politician Baba Shakti (Makrand Deshpande). Kid now must infiltrate and climb the ladder of privelege in India to get his revenge, kicking all sorts of ass along the way!

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