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Dog’s Movie House: “Madame Web” A Trainwreck Of A Superhero Movie!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here and you have to hand it to Sony: They keep putting out subpar superhero movies like they’re going out of style, all because they want to retain the rights to their comic book properties. They own “Spider-Man” but because of their deal with Marvel Studios, it’s difficult to get the actual Spider-Man into any of their movies. So what do they do? They decide to create movies features obscure characters from the Rogue’s Gallery of Spider-Man allies and villains. Some of them, like the Venom movies, work because Tom Hardy is commited to a bonkers performance that makes the film, but most of Sony’s (non-animated) efforts are just terrible! Which brings us to “Madame Web” a superhero film that makes “Morbius” look like a cinematic masterpiece!

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Dog’s Movie House: “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3” Is A Delightfully Funny & Emotional Capper To The Popular Series!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at the third and final (maybe) entry into the popular “Guardians Of The Galaxy” series. SImply called “Vol. 3” this film reunites the primary cast and introduces some interesting new characters. Writer/director James Gunn’s final entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an incredibly entertaining film that tugs on the heartstrings like very few comic book movies do.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Eternals” A Well-Acted Marvel Film That Stays Human While Going Cosmic!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here again with a look at Marvel’s latest spectacular saga of superheroes! (Say that three times fast, heh!). This one’s called “Eternals” and comes from the comic from the mind of the legendary Jack Kirby. It also has quite the cinematic pedigree as it was directed and co-written by last year’s Academy Award winner Chloe Zhao. That makes “The Eternals” a bit different in feel and atmosphere then your average Marvel comic book film. While it has the requisite action and special effects, “Eternals” also excels at developing character and story in a way that feels more intimate than most superhero films. The fact that these powered individuals are so relatable is a testament to Zhao’s storytelling ability.

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The Kenblog: Stan Lee – The Passing Of A Legend!

The Legendary Stan Lee Has Passed At The Age Of 95.


Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog here with the sad news that Marvel Legend Stan Lee has passed at the age of 95!   It’s fitting on this Veteran’s Day that we honor the legacy of a man who served his country with distinction during World War II before becoming one of the most prolific and iconic comic book writers of this or any other generation.   Continue reading