Lin-Manuel Miranda

Dog’s Movie House: “Encanto” Delightful Disney Animation With Heart And Soul!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here after a bit of Thanksgiving time off with a look at Disney’s latest. It’s called “Encanto” and is a lushly animated film set in the hills of Columbia about a very unique family. It also features songs and music by Lin-Manuel Miranda who is quickly becoming the go-to guy for movie music nowadays. The film resonates emotionally with a story about the power of love and finding the hidden talents within. Of course, narratives like this are a dime a dozen and have been brought to film for decades, but “Encanto” manages to do so in a way that feels vibrant and original.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Vivo” Bright Musical Animated Feature!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at the latest Netflix animated offering. It’s a musical adventure called “Vivo” and it reminds me of a kid’s version of “In The Heights,” which is no coincidence as both feature catchy songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda who’s seemingly everywhere these days. I don’t mind, though, if Miranda’s gonna keep pumping out dance worthy tunes like the ones found in this film. The story has a few cliches, but some great character work along with the aforementioned music make “Vivo” a fun and lively film for the whole family!

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Dog’s Movie House: “In The Heights” A Terrific Movie Musical!

Howdy folks! It’s The Kendog here with a confession: I generally don’t care much for musicals. I enjoy some of the classics, of course, but there’s something about actors singing their dialogue and spontaneously throwing themselves into dance that just takes me out of the movie. It was especially true in my youth but as I’ve gotten older (if not wiser, heh) I’ve been forced to re-examine my biases toward the venerable cinematic genre and I’ve discovered that a lot of my enjoyment (or lack thereof) has to do with the music. For example, I hated “Les Miserables” because the music reflected the grim nature of the film. With “In The Heights,” the effect was the opposite. The music was so infectious, bouncy and enjoyable that it heightened my enjoyment of the film. Or maybe I’m just overthinking a bit. (It’s possible.)

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