Dog’s Movie House: “Keanu” Hilarious, But Not For The Squeamish!



Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog! 


The feline star of the new comedy "Keanu"

The feline star of the new comedy “Keanu”


I must confess that never having watched the sketch comedy show “Key & Peele” I didn’t know what to expect when this duo decided to bring their antics to the big screen in the new film “Keanu.”  But having seen the previews and chuckled more than a few times, I found myself intrigued at the possibility of a film about two dudes masquerading as gangsters in the attempt to get back their abducted cat.  Thankfully, the movie delivers far more than it doesn’t, and in so doing signals the arrival of a couple of massive comic talents.  Continue reading