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Dog’s Movie House: “Deadpool 2:” Crazier, More Fun Than The Original!


Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog here with my review of “Deadpool 2!”

X-Force prepares to leap into action in “Deadpool 2”



When “Deadpool” hit theaters in February of 2016 it took the cinematic world by storm, becoming the worldwide highest grossing R-rated for a movie in history.  With a witty, hilarious script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and assured direction by Tim Miller, along with a bravura performance by Ryan Reynolds as the Merc With A Mouth, “Deadpool” was unlike any other comic film made.  I’m happy to say that, aside from a change in director (damn those “creative differences”), everyone’s back for the inevitable sequel, making “Deadpool 2” the rare follow-up that’s actually better than the original. Continue reading

Dog’s Movie House: “Geostorm,” “Only The Brave,” Two Different Sides Of The Natural Disaster Coin!


Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog!

Extreme Weather In “Geostorm”



Timing is everything when it comes to the movies.  Release them at the right time and you have a huge hit on your hands, but suffer the misfortune of real-life events mirroring the subject matter of your film and the audiences will stay away in droves.   Witness this week’s two weather-related films: the disaster fantasy “Geostorm” and the true life tale of the Granite Mountain Hotshots “Only The Brave.”  The two films vary wildly in quality, but both have the misfortune of being released just after an entire slew of very real, very terrifying natural disasters have struck the country.  This means that audiences are going to be understandably disenchanted with the prospect of watching natural disasters reenacted on the big screen for their entertainment.  In the case of “Only The Brave” this is a real tragedy.   Continue reading

Dog’s Movie House: “Everest” Like It’s Namesake – Impressive Looking But Resides In Thin Air!



Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog!


Jason Clarke Leads The Expedition In "Everest"

Jason Clarke Leads The Expedition In “Everest”




I do like man versus nature movies.  Films like “The Edge,”  “The Grey,” and hell, even “Twister” are always on my re-watch radar whenever I see them either on video or on television.  Ad a true story to the mix and that ups the must-see ante for me even more.  So “Everest” based on an ill-fated climb in May of 1996, should have been a slam dunk.  Instead, while entertaining, “Everest” misses the mark of adventure classic due to underdeveloped characters and a script that failed to engage my sympathies fully for the plight of the climbers. Continue reading