Jacqueline Byars

Dog’s Movie House: “Prey For The Devil” Decent Entry Into Exorcism Films, But Can’t Hold A Candle To The Original!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at “Prey For The Devil” and exorcism horror film by Daniel Stamm from a script by Robert Zappia. “Prey For The Devil” tells the story of of Sister Ann (Jacqeuline Byars) a young nun whose tragic past instills within an interest in exorcism and demonic possession. She attends a religious college/hospital in Boston where the male clergy train in the rights of exorcism. When Ann, who serves as a nurse for patients who are believed to be demonically possessed, encounters a supernatural threat from her past, she is authorized by Father Quinn (Colin Salmon) to become the first ever female student of exorcism. She and her colleagues are forced to confront a tremendous evil inhabiting a little girl named Natalie (Posy Taylor), fighting not only to save her life, but her immortal soul.

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