Dog’s Movie House: “Everest” Like It’s Namesake – Impressive Looking But Resides In Thin Air!



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Jason Clarke Leads The Expedition In "Everest"

Jason Clarke Leads The Expedition In “Everest”




I do like man versus nature movies.  Films like “The Edge,”  “The Grey,” and hell, even “Twister” are always on my re-watch radar whenever I see them either on video or on television.  Ad a true story to the mix and that ups the must-see ante for me even more.  So “Everest” based on an ill-fated climb in May of 1996, should have been a slam dunk.  Instead, while entertaining, “Everest” misses the mark of adventure classic due to underdeveloped characters and a script that failed to engage my sympathies fully for the plight of the climbers. Continue reading