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Dog’s Movie House: “Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes” Thrilling Addition To An Excellent Franchise!”

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at the latest in the long-running “Planet Of The Apes” franchise. After the orginal series ran it’s course in the mid-seventies, Tim Burton directed a slick but eventually disasterous reboot in 2001. Rick Baker’s makeup effects were fantastic and there were some very good performances, but the story was a mess and the ending was groan-worthy. It took a good ten years before Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa wrote and produced “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes,” which turned out to be the first of an outstanding prequel trilogy featuring the rise of intelligent apes and the virus which all but wipes out humanity. It also introduced us to Caesar (the incredible Andy Serkis), the eventual leader of the ape uprising and architect of ape civilization. Now the story continues with “Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes” a story that takes place generations after the events of the most recent trilogy. And boy, is it pretty frickin’ great!

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