David Ayer

Dog’s Movie House: Statham, Ayer Don’t Offer Anything New In “Beekeeper” But It’s An Entertaining Action Romp Nonetheless!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a question. Do you like Jason Statham? How much you enjoy the chiseled British action star will most likely determine your enjoyment of “The Beekeeper” a new film from director David Ayer (“Fury”). Statham plays Adam Clay, a beekeeper who just happens to be a former “Beekeeper.” What’s the difference? Well a Beekeeper is an independently operating agent who makes Navy Seals and Special Forces look like, in the words of one character, pussies. They were created to keep the metaphorical “hive” running smoothly and answer to no one. This makes Clay a perfect character for Statham who seems to be more comfortable with exercising his physical muscles more than his acting chops.

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