County Fairs

The Kenblog: “Knott’s Berry Farm, The Anti-Disneyland!”

Howdy folks! It’s The Kendog here expanding on some good old-fashioned nostalgia I started last week with a vintage film about the first decade of Disneyland. When I was a kid Disneyland with the place, but I also have fond memories of Knott’s Berry Farm. It was so different from The Magic Kingdom and that was part of its charm. The rides were different with attractions like Knott’s Berry Tales, Montezuma’s Revenge, The Corkscrew, and The Soapbox Racers to name a few. It felt like a good old fashioned county fair in both atmosphere and execution and let’s not forget about that incredible fried chicken dinner!

Over the years Knott’s has transformed into another Magic Mountain wannabe, much to my disappointment, but the memories of all of those childhood visits will remain with me forever! On that note, check out this cool little documentary detailing the history of Knott’s Berry Farm and feel free to hit me up on the comments or on Facebook! So Sayeth The Kendog!