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The Dogcast: “You Bet Your Life,” Some Classic Groucho Marx For Your Old Radio Pleasure!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with some more Old Radio Fun! This time I’m featuring a couple of early episodes from the classic radio (and eventually television) program “You Bet Your Life!” In this popular series, legendary comedian and host Groucho Marx would host two pairs of two guests and they would answer questions for escalating amounts of money. The winners would be brought back to answer one final question for a larger amount of money. There was also the hundred dollar prize given if you said the secret word during the show. All of this is incidental as the real fun was listening to Groucho riff on his guests. Underrated at improv, Groucho was one of the quickest minds in comedy and this show reinvigorated his career. The two episodes are have are from 1949 during it’s first season. Enjoy and feel free to comment either below or on my Facebook page! So Sayeth The Kendog!

You Bet Your Life – 10/12/1949
You Bet Your Life – 10/19/1949