Civil War

Dog’s Movie House: “Civil War” An Intense Piece Of Realistic Fiction!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at Alex Garland’s latest film titled “Civil War.” The title says it all: America is in the middle of another civil war, with a group called The Western Alliance, led by California and Texas, having secceded from the Union and taking up arms against the current president (Nick Offerman) who has, as the film begins, begun serving a third term and has had his troops fire on civilians. Covering this nightmare are photojournalist Lee (Kirsten Dunst), her reporter partner Joel (Wagner Moura). Tagging along on the trip to Washington D.C. are newbie photographer Jessie (Caillee Spaeny) and veteran reporter Sammy (Stephen McKinley Henderson). The quartet finds out the hard way about the fog of war and, after a certain amount of fighting, it doesn’t seem to matter what side you’re on!

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