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Dog’s Movie House: “Badass Monster Killer” Destined For Cult Immortality!



Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog!

Jawara Duncan as Jimmy Chevelle in "Badass Monster Killer"

Jawara Duncan as Jimmy Chevelle in “Badass Monster Killer”




As a movie reviewer, I find that different types of films have different types of ambitions.  You can’t compare “Citizen Kane” to “Enter The Dragon” though both are sterling examples of their respective types of film.  To use the same set of critical guidelines for every film does the film, and the moviegoer, for that matter, a grave disservice and often keeps the reviewer from discovering some of the small, underseen gems of the cinematic world.  To that end, I bring you “Badass Monster Killer” a film made with enthusiasm, heart, and humor on a shoestring budget.   Continue reading