Christian Bale

Dog’s Movie House: “The Pale Blue Eye” Elevated By Christian Bale’s Performance!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at Netflix’s latest, an adaptation of of Louis Bayard’s novel “A Pale Blue Eye.” It’s a twisty detective thriller set during the winter of 1830 at West Point. The murder of a young cadet has the West Point Administration sending for retired detective Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) to solve the case before the suits in Washington use it as an excuse to shut the place down. Landor meets a young cadet named Edgar Allen Poe (Harry Melling). Yes, that Edgar Allen Poe, who’s bullied and is trying to find his place in the world but is smart as a whip. Enlisting the young Poe’s aid, Landor finds himself in the middle of a possible conspiracy involving black magic, revenge, and class warfare that puts both his and Poe’s life in danger.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Amsterdam” Proves That Mediocre David O. Russell Is Better Than Directors’ Better Efforts!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at David O. Russell’s latest, “Amsterdam,” for which he has assembled an all-star cast. Russell, known for Oscar nominated work such as “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle” writes and directs a tale set during and just after World War I. Three friends, two soldiers and a nurse, played by Christian Bale, John David Washington, and Margot Robbie, bond during their time together in Amsterdam. Separating after returning to the states, the three are reunited when Bale’s Burt (now a fringe doctor treating veterans) and Washington’s Harold (the lawyer helping him out) are called upon to investigate the death of their old unit commander, a respected general who died under mysterious circumstances. This death leads to a spiraling mystery involving rich families, powerful political cabals, and an attempt at facists to take over the United States government.

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