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Dog’s Movie House: “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” A Fun, Very Funny Adventure That Caters To Fans And Newbies Alike!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” the latest attempt to create a feature film out of the longtime role playing game. I’m happy to say that this film is a great deal of fun with some really funny scenes and some nifty battle scenes and special effects. Chris Pine plays Edgin, a former spy turned thief attempting to find the whereabouts of his daughter. When he finds that she has been taken by former comrade turned evil lord of Neverwinter (Hugh Grant, clearly having the time of his life), he gathers his former team of thieves to rescue his daughter. In another complication, a dark wizard is attempting to use the unsuspecting lord to raise an army of the dead.

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Dog’s Movie House – “Don’t Worry Darling” A Intriguing, Entertaining Misfire!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at Olivia Wilde’s second feature as a director. It’s called “Don’t Worry Darling” and features Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as Alice and Jack Chambers, a young couple living in the late 1950s in a utopian community known sponsored by a mysterious organization known as The Victory Project. Every morning the men drive across the desert to work while the wives do chores, shop and generally cater to their men in what appears to be an equitable partnership. The Victory Project is headed by the mysterious (and slightly sinister) Frank (Chris Pine), who uses his svengali-like influence to command absolute loyalty from his extended “family.” When one of the wives has a breakdown and supposedly kills herself in front of Alice, the latter begins to investigate the truth about The Victory Project and in doing so uncovers a nasty truth that threatens not only her sanity but her very life as well.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Wonder Woman” Truly Wondrous!


Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog!

Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess Diana In “Wonder Woman”




To say the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) has gotten off to a somewhat rocky start is something of an understatement.  While “Man Of Steel,” “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Suicide Squad” made oodles of cash but were very divisive in terms of quality and fan satisfaction.  I found that I liked the three films without loving them:  each had some very good qualities but also had some very real problems, most of them revolving around the studio’s insistence on stuffing every film full of references to a larger cinematic universe rather than concentrating on telling a compelling story for each individual film.  Thankfully that inconsistency is at an end with the release of “Wonder Woman,” which serves as a wonderfully exciting origin story and a cinematic coming out for one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Continue reading