Bodies Bodies Bodies

Dog’s Movie House: “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” Sharp Satire Masquerading As A Horror Film!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a little written work this week. My microphone is on the fritz and I have to get it fixed this weekend, so no audiocast this week. I promise I will keep this brief and to the point. Today we’re looking at Halina Reijn’s “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.” It comes from a script by Sara DeLappe and tells the tale of a group of young adults who decide to have a “hurricane party” at a posh mansion belonging to Dave (Pete Davidson). When everyone gets there the storm and party both get into full swing and the diverse group (you’ve got gay, straight, white, black, etc.) of friends start playing a fictitious game called “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” in which one of the friends is the “murderer” and rest have to figure out who it is. When someone really ends up dead, the game becomes serious and the ever-shrinking group of friends have to discover who the real killer is. During the frantic evening, old wounds and recriminations surface leading to lots of very sharp dialogue from a generation of people who thing picking at open emotional wounds in the perfect definition of friendship.

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