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Dog’s Movie House: “Zoolander 2:” Fifteen Years Is Too Long To Be This Mediocre!


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Derek And Hansel Rock The Runway In "Zoolander2"

Derek And Hansel Rock The Runway In “Zoolander2”





As I was watching “Zoolander 2” one thought kept running through my mind:  “How in the hell can so much talent produce so much mediocrity?”  Behind the scenes  you’ve got Ben Stiller as the director and co-writer along with Justin Theroux and Nicholas Stoller.  In front of the camera you’ve got Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Penelope Cruz along with a cornucopia of celebrity cameos from luminaries from both Hollywood and the fashion world.  With all of that talent you’d think you’d be watching something fairly entertaining at least, but in the case of “Zoolander 2” all you get is a rousing cinematic case of “meh.” Continue reading