Academy Awards Controversy

The Kenblog: “What’s The Big Deal With The Oscars!”

Howdy folks!  It’s The Kendog With An Oscars Edition Of The Kenblog!



So the 2017 Academy Awards are now history and as I take a look at the trades, tweets, and on-line tirades everyone still seems to be up in arms about the mistake made last night in revealing the wrong best picture winner.  That they eventually got it right doesn’t seem to matter: the folks behind the Oscars are being crucified for making the mistake in the first place.  My question: what’s the big deal? Continue reading

The Kenblog: “Oscars” Diversity Controversy Indicative Of Larger Problem!



Howdy folks!  It’s The Kendog!





Phew!  I wonder if the folks in Hollywood are secretly loving all of this “controversy” over “lack of diversity” in the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards.  Let’s face it:  the Oscars, despite taking place in the liberal Hollywood biosphere, is represented by a decidedly slanted panel of old white men.  The governing body of the Academy awards was, as of 2013, represented by 93% whites and 77% males with only 2% of the governing body being black.  Is it any wonder why there is a dearth of black representation in the Oscars.  The question is: does it really matter? Continue reading