Dog’s Movie House: “Everest” Like It’s Namesake – Impressive Looking But Resides In Thin Air!



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Jason Clarke Leads The Expedition In "Everest"

Jason Clarke Leads The Expedition In “Everest”




I do like man versus nature movies.  Films like “The Edge,”  “The Grey,” and hell, even “Twister” are always on my re-watch radar whenever I see them either on video or on television.  Ad a true story to the mix and that ups the must-see ante for me even more.  So “Everest” based on an ill-fated climb in May of 1996, should have been a slam dunk.  Instead, while entertaining, “Everest” misses the mark of adventure classic due to underdeveloped characters and a script that failed to engage my sympathies fully for the plight of the climbers. Continue reading

Dog’s Movie House: “The Visit” A Return To Form For M. Night Shyamalan!



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Deanna Dunagan in "The Visit"

Deanna Dunagan in “The Visit”



I have a great amount of admiration for filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan.  Ever since “The Sixth Sense” exploded on the scene in 1999 I’ve been a fan of his slow burn, cinematic style.  He’s fallen out of favor since his heyday in the 90s, with bombs like “The Happening” and “After Earth” on his resume.  Apparently his solution is to venture into the world of low budget filmmaking, partnering with Blumhouse Studios (“Insidious: Chapter 3) to write and direct his own entry into the “found footage” horror genre.  While I generally think most found footage films are dubious enterprises at best, I have to say that “The Visit” is one of the spookier horror films I’ve seen in a while and a good return to form for the talented Shyamalan. Continue reading

Dog’s Movie House: “The Perfect Guy” Slick But Predictable!



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Michael Ealy & Sanaa Lathan in "The Perfect Guy.

Michael Ealy & Sanaa Lathan in “The Perfect Guy.




I find it interesting that African American cinema seems to be engaged in the remaking of films traditionally tailored for white audiences.  Some of these films work well strictly on their own merits.  The redo of “About Last Night” for example, featuring Kevin Hart, was extremely entertaining.  That said, simply switching races doesn’t guarantee a fresh take on a movie.  As an example of this, I submit “The Perfect Guy” a film that provides an African American spin on the “Fatal Attraction” sub-genre of thriller.  Unfortunately, the change in race is the only noticeable element in this slick yet formulaic exercise.  Continue reading

The Kenblog: A Remembrance Of September 11, 2001!


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I’m not much for politics or organized religion, though I do have my own personal beliefs concerning both, but fourteen years ago an event occurred that, to this day, transcends those opinion oriented ideals and creates a sense of common ground for everyone, regardless of race, religious or sexual preference, or even nationality.  The terrorists attacks on the Twin Towers still serve as a watershed moment for our country in which we looked evil in the eye and had to find the courage to collectively not blink.  It is an event that informs our everyday lives even fourteen years later, birthing a culture of fear in this country that we still haven’t erased from our collective emotional center.  Change is often slow, especially in a country as large and diverse as ours, but change is also inevitable.  I hope we can one day make to a place where fear and anger do not rule our everyday lives.  I hope for a time when we can embrace all faiths and nationalities as brothers and sisters again as I believe the melting pot of the United States is ideally suited.   I hope we can grow and learn beyond the events of 9/11 without ever forgetting the cost of the actions of that terrible day.  Below is what I consider to be a fitting tribute video for the day.  And as always, our prayers and thoughts are with those who lost during that terrible tragedy.  Continue reading

Dog’s Movie House: New “Transporter” Running On Low Octane!



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Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) takes on a bad guy in "The Transporter: Refueled"

Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) takes on a bad guy in “The Transporter: Refueled”






How much you’ll like the new “Transporter: Refueled” will depend on a couple of things.  First: whether or not the absence of Jason Statham is a deal breaker.  Second: whether a fourth go (five, if you count the television series) at an already derivative action franchise is right up you’re alley for a night at the movies.  For me, “The Transporter: Refueled” is not a total waste of time (see “Agent 47” for a prime example of this) but despite some decent action scenes and some good chemistry between newcomer Ed Skrein (Game Of Thrones) and Ray Stevenson (Thor, HBO’s Rome), this film simply serves as an exercise in action mediocrity. Continue reading


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