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Dog’s Movie House: “Nobody” The Anonymous Action Hero Courtesy Of The Writer Of “John Wick!”

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at “Nobody” the latest story about an unassuming man who has, in the words of “Taken”, “an unusual set of skills.” The plot of this story is nothing you haven’t seen before at least in some variation and the action, while visceral and well-choreographed, is also nothing revolutionary. What makes this film stand out is the lead performance of Bob Odenkirk, probably best known for his lead performance in “Better Call Saul.” His world-weary, beaten down everyman who finally loses it is the highlight of the film.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Night In Paradise” Superb Korean Gangster Film!

Howdy folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at a Netflix film that’s a little off the beaten path, but quite rewarding for those who like serious cinema. “Night In Paradise” is a South Korean Mob film that is thrilling, layered, with terrific performances and gobs and gobs of rather graphic violence that, despite the gore, always seems to serve the story. It’s also subtitled, so if that bothers you I’m afraid you’re going to be out of luck. However, if reading dialogue isn’t an issue, “Night In Paradise” is one of the best films of the young year so far.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Godzilla Vs. Kong” Is All About The Monsters, And That’s A Good Thing!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look a the heavily anticipated “Godzilla vs. Kong” the fourth installment in the “Monsterverse” series of movies that began in 2014 with “Godzilla.” This is the culmination of seven years of setup and heavy world-building that satisfies on nearly every level for anyone who’s been a fan of Godzilla or Kong in almost every single one of their cinematic iterations. (Except for that Matthew Broderick abomination in 1998. . .let’s just pretend that doesn’t exist, shall we?)

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Dog’s Movie House: “The Courier” Old Fashioned Spy Entertainment!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at a new spy thriller based on a true story. It’s called “The Courier” and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Greville Wynne, a British salesman during the 1960s who is recruited by both MI6 and the CIA to help an asset in Russia smuggle information to prevent nuclear war between Russia and the United States. Unfortunately Wynne is an amateur in the world of spycraft and that inexperience sets in motion a series of events that puts his life in danger.

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The Dogcast: Old Time Superman For Your Listening Pleasure!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog with some Superman from the Golden Age Of Radio in honor of the release of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” A simpler Superman from a simpler age. I might throw in a little Batman in there for good measure. Enjoy the old radio shows and enjoy the massively entertaining Snyder Cut of “Justice League.” Feel free to comment on my Facebook page or on this site. So Sayeth The Kendog!

These Are The First Four Episodes In The Superman Serial “Batman’s Great Mystery” I’ll have more later!

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