The Kenblog: What’s Wrong With WB’s Superheroes?


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Jared Leto as The Joker in "Suicide Squad"

Jared Leto as The Joker in “Suicide Squad”




It looks like “Suicide Squad” is in the same boat with the critics as “Batman vs. Superman” earlier this year.  Despite heavy promotion, a different director in David Ayer and a superstar cast including Will Smith and Margot Robbie, this latest foray into the DC Cinematic Universe has been slammed by critics much in the same manner as Zach Snyder’s latest tent pole effort involving the Bat and the Big Blue Boy Scout.  You listen to my review here and while I’m not as pessimistic as my colleagues, I do think of “Suicide Squad” as a missed opportunity.   DC has an incredible comic history with some of the most iconic characters in fiction.  Making a cinematic universe with entertaining and engaging stories should be a walk in the park, but somehow Warner Bros.  has made a point of creating polarizing pieces of entertainment that fail to resonate with the general movie going audience. Continue reading

The Dogcast: Woody Allen Takes On The Suicide Squad!



Howdy folks!  It’s The Kendog with another edition of the Dogcast!

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It looks like we’ve got a choice at the movie theaters this week.  You can either see the latest from an iconic director or brave the crowds to see the hotly anticipated new comic book extravaganza “Suicide Squad.”  Both of them have their merits, in this reviewers humble opinion, but neither qualify as masterpieces, either.  In any case, please don’t choose the previously unmentioned option number three: a hideous piece of cinema called “Nine Lives”  It’s so bad, I didn’t even bother to include it in the Dogcast.  Don’t let the cast, including Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, and Jennifer Garner fool you into thinking you should invest one stinking penny into this piece of excrement.  Don’t even watch it when it comes on free television:  It will rob you of your will to live!   If you can avoid that, you’re probably in for a pretty good time at the movies.  Enjoy the Dogcast and the trailers below and, as always, feel free to comment!  So Sayeth The Kendog!  Continue reading

The Dogcast – “The Infiltrator, Ghostbusters” Lead The Way!


Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog!


This latest edition of The Dogcast features two of the wide releases for this Friday, July 15 2016.  We’ve got Bryon Cranston’s latest “The Infiltrator” a true-life story about one man’s efforts to take down drug lord Pablo Escobar in the 1980s, and the new version of “Ghostbusters,” directed by Paul Feig and starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.   Just press the play button below to hear my thoughts on both films, especially the ones regarding “Ghostbusters.”  I think you’ll enjoy them.  As always, feel free to comment below as The Dogcast is an ever evolving thing.  I’m getting better at the editing process and hope to use this format way more often.  Thanks again for your patience and don’t forget to listen to me Friday nights on the Pat Walsh Show on KFBK AM 1530!   So Sayeth The Kendog! Continue reading

The Dogcast: “Independence Day: Resurgence” Agreeable Time Waster!


Howdy Folks!   It’s The Kendog!

Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Daniels Return In "Independence Day: Resurgence"

Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Daniels Return In “Independence Day: Resurgence”





Okay, I’m trying something new here.  If it works, it means you folks will get more reviews that are actually, you know, on time!  Welcome to my first homemade podcast known as the Dogcast!  (Clever, huh?)  In this inaugural edition I’m going to give you folks my two cents on the twenty years in the making sequel to Independence Day.  Was it worth the wait or are you better off waiting for Redbox.  Listen below and feel free to comment afterward.  I know it’s a work in progress, so be honest but be nice (my ego is so fragile, heh!)   Enjoy!  So Sayeth The Kendog! Continue reading

The Dogcast: Hit Up “The Conjuring 2, Warcraft, and Now You See Me 2!”


Howdy Folks!  It’s The Kendog And Welcome To The Dogcast!



Vera Farmiga In "The Conjuring 2"

Vera Farmiga In “The Conjuring 2”



For those of you who didn’t catch my weekly radio spot on KFBK, here’s the podcast.  We talk “The Conjuring 2,” “Warcraft,” and “Now You See Me 2”  Read my review of “The Conjuring 2” here and you’ll understand why I think it’s one of the best horror movies of all time.  As for the others, the reviews probably won’t be as glowing, but at least one of them is a worthwhile afternoon at the movies.  Enjoy and feel free to comment below!  So Sayeth The Kendog! Continue reading


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