Dog’s Movie House: “Uncut Gems” Energetic But Ugly!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog with a look at Adam Sandler’s latest, “Uncut Gems.” Sandler gets a lot of heat, especially lately, for looking like he’s not even trying during his recent Netflix and theatrical runs. A lot of that is warranted and I’m not especially fond of his comedic schtick myself. That said, Adam Sandler can actually act if you put him with the right people and working with the Safdie brothers in the hectic, energetic yet somewhat unpleasant “Uncut Gems” Sandler gives the performance of a lifetime.

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Dog’s Movie House: “Queen & Slim,” “Knives Out” Have Energy To Spare But Different Levels Of Effectiveness!

Howdy folks! It’s The Kendog with a look at “Queen & Slim” and the new whodunit “Knives Out.”

Continuing the theme of my earlier article about films for adults, whe have a couple of new films in that vein. “Queen & Slim” is a story that has a great deal of energy but is sloppy in the way it sets up its story. Meanwhile, “Knives Out” is one of the most entertaining films to come out in some time!

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The Kenblog: Movies For Adults Make A Comeback!

Howdy folks! It’s The Kendog and one of the debates I’m always having with my buddy Pat Walsh is the lack of adult oriented films in theaters for people who don’t like spandex, space, or comic book films. If you’ve ever heard me on “The Pat Walsh show you know that I believe comic book movies are a lot like any other form of film: if made with care and craft for the story they can be as entertaining and emotional as any other film!

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Dog’s Movie House: “Terminator: Dark Fate” A Return To Form For Franchise!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog with a look at the latest in the Terminator franchise. Now “franchise” is a word I sometimes dislike because it reflects the suits in Hollywood more interested in quick cash grabs then actually creating a movie people will actually pay to see. James Cameron’s original “Terminator” paved the way for the equally excellent sequel “Judgement Day” but since then the series of films have become prime examples of the law of diminishing returns.

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