Dog’s Movie House: “Wendell & Wild” Delightful Animated Spookiness From Jordan Peele And Henry Selick!

There’s a lot more to unpack here in terms of plot, but it’s laid out easily enough for even the casual viewer to understand. Jordan Peele’s script is smart and doesn’t shy away from the dark themes of bullying, racial inequality, guilt, and the death of loved ones, but it’s handled so deftly that none of these themes in any way detract from the creepy sense of fun. Henry Selick uses his patented stop motion style to brilliant effect. The ghoulish atmosphere and unique design and color pallete make for an immersive experience that is totally engaging.

The animation is matched by the vocal performances, with Lyric making Kat relatable to everyone who’s every experienced anger issues brought on by a traumatic loss. It’s a tough road to travel as Kat could easily become so irritating in her coccoon of rage that it would be difficult to root for her, but Lyric manages the balance quite deftly. As the title demonic brothers, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Poole demonstrate that their longtime chemistry has not dissipated a bit. They also manage the balance of being both funny and frightening at the same time. Their addiction to their father’s giant tube of hair cream (which also serves to ressurrect the dead in the mortal world) provides some of the film’s biggest laughs.

All in all, “Wendell & Wild” is a fine addition to Netflix’s growing library of fine animated films. With a smart script, beautiful animation and tight direction from an animation legend, “Wendell & Wild” provides spooky entertainment for the whole family. 4 Out Of 5 On Kendog’s Barkometer! So Sayeth The Kendog!

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