Dog’s Movie House: “Top Gun: Maverick” Rousing Sequel 36 Years In The Making!”

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at the long-delayed sequel to the 1986 classic piece of cinematic machismo, “Top Gun.” This one’s called “Top Gun: Maverick” and, despite the Covid-19 delays and restrictive filming conditions, I’m happy to say that “Maverick” not only honors its predecessor; it surpasses it in terms of sheer thrills and cinematic craftsmanship. At the forefront is the ageless (well, almost) Tom Cruise, slipping into the character of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell like a comfortable pair of old slippers. He and director Joseph Kosinski have made a rousing, old-school Hollywood blockbuster that is guaranteed to have audiences cheering, clapping, and laughing in their seats.

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