Dog’s Movie House – “Strays” Is A Raunchy Comedy With Heart!

“Strays” is a fun movie that mostly clicks with some wonderful voice performances (along with some incredibly trained dogs) and some pretty good gags. It’s very R-Rated, so don’t take the kiddes to see it if you don’t want to answer a whole lot of awkward questions afterwards! The raunch factor is expected, but Dan Perrault’s script is also filled with heart. After an uneven first third in which “Strays” sets some sort of record for the F-word being uttered by talking canines, Josh Greenbaum’s direction finds some balance that helps the characters become more well-rounded.

The cast is great, as expected, with Ferrell right in his wheelhouse with just the right amount of naivite combined with an opportunisticly vulger vocabulary to make you root for Reggie even if he is delusional about the state of his relationship with Doug Fox owns his role as Bug, whose vulgar and brash exterior hide a secret pain of his own. Fisher and Park do hilarious work as Maggie and Hunter, with Hunter getting the lion’s share of the laughs with his dry delievery. Forte makes for a totally hissable bad guy who you can’t wait to see punished.

Overall, “Strays” is a fun film that harkens back to the adult comedies of yesteryear. With a game cast, a tight script and some truly talented dogs, “Strays” is one of the best comedies of the year so far. A warning: “Strays” is heavy on the scatological humor, so if bodily functions and icky habits of dogs make you queasy, you might want to seek your entertainment elsewhere! 4 Out Of 5 On Kendog’s Barkometer! So Sayeth The Kendog!

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