Dog’s Movie House: “Snake Eyes” Decent But Somewhat Disappointing!”

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a look at “Snake Eyes” a reboot of the G I Joe film franchise featuring the origin story of everyone’s favorite black-clad ninja. This tells the tale of Snake Eyes before he joined the Joes and his history with both the Yakuza and the Arishekage Ninja Clan. Now, in full disclosure, I was never much of a GI Joe fan when it came to the toys during the 1980s. I was purely in the camp of Kenner’s Star Wars toys and later the Masters Of The Universe. But I did enjoy the first two films for what they were and the idea of a backstory for the coolest looking character in the franchise had piqed my interest. Unfortunately “Snake Eyes” is somewhat mediocre with only a few cool fight scenes and some out-there storytelling elements to make it an agreeable time-waster.

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