Dog’s Movie House: Quick Hits – “Cyrano,” “No Exit” Imperfect But Entertaining Films!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with a quick look at two films recently released and worth your time, even if they are, shall we say, a bit uneven. The first is “Cyrano” Joe Wright’s telling of Edmond Rostand’s play. This is a musical, which for me proves a bit jarring as the musical numbers distract somewhat from the otherwise riveting tale of Cyrano De Bergerac (an excellent Peter Dinklage), a smart, tough man who’s only flaw is his diminutive size. (This is a change from the original story in which Cyrano is cursed with a large nose.) Cyrano, for all his prowess, feels his lack of height such an impediment to declaring his love for Roxanne (Haley Bennett) that he decides the next best thing is to help the young soldier Christian (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) woo Roxanne with Cyrano’s words. Rozanne, you see, in a bit or irony has confessed to Cyrano that she is attracted to the young soldier. Comedy and tragedy ensue. The movie is worth seeing solely for Dinklage’s amazing performance and the scenery is breathtaking, but the songs are so-so and the other actors don’t make much of an impression. I think the musical version probably made more sense on the stage. 3 Out Of 5 On Kendog’s Barkometer!

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