Dog’s Movie House: “Plane” May Be A Dippy Title, But It’s A Pretty Darn Good Action Flick!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog here with Gerard Butler’s latest foray into the realm of action moviemaking. This one’s called “Plane” and features Butler as Brodie Torrance, an airline pilot who is forced by his cheap airline to fly through a storm from Southeast Asia To Tokyo on New Year’s Eve. Good news is that the holiday means not having a full load of passengers. The bad news is that one of those passengers is an accussed murder named Louis Gaspare (an appropriately intimidating Mike Colter) being returned to the States via Tokyo buy a federal marshall. The storm blasts the planes electronics and Brodie is forced to put the plane down on what turns out to be an unclaimed island in the Phillipines run by separatists and criminals so dangerous the Phillipine government won’t touch the place without a full military invasion. When his passengers are kidnapped by the bad guys, it’s up to Brodie and Gaspare to save the day in time for the crisis team back home (led by a straightfoward Tony Goldwyn) to mount a rescue.

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