Dog’s Movie House: “In The Heart Of The Sea” Disappointing Effort From Howard And Hemsworth!



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Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase in "In The Heart Of The Sea"

Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase in “In The Heart Of The Sea”




Ron Howard is one of our most successful filmmakers and Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s rising stars, yet the first film they did together, the underseen “Rush” tanked at the box office.  It’s a terrific film but for some reason it failed to connect with audiences.  Now they’ve teamed up again for “In The Heart Of The Sea,” the fact-based tale that inspired Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick.”  Now I can’t speak about the box office prospects for the film (although industry analysts say “murky”), but, considering the talent involved, “In The Heart Of The Sea” is a decidedly underwhelming affair. 







“In The Heart Of The Sea,” tells the tale of the Essex, a whaling ship in 1820 that was attacked by a huge sperm whale, forcing the crew to survive for 90 days at sea.  In the film this story is told from the point of view by the last surviving member of the Essex, one Tom Nickerson (played by Brendan Gleeson as an adult and by Tom Holland as a youngster).  As an older man, Nickerson is drinking himself to death, the memories of what happened all those years ago weighing him down.  He finally breaks down and tells his story to Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw).  Melville sees this as an opportunity to advance his own career with an incredible story.









Using this device, we are taken back to Nantucket in 1820 where we meet Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) a veteran first mate and excellent whaler expecting to become captain of the Essex on this latest expedition for whale oil.  Unfortun