Dog’s Movie House: “Day Shift” A Fun, Urban Spin On The Vampire Genre!

“Day Shift” is a fun flick and director J. J. Perry shows a lot of skill in directing the action. There are a lot of smooth, swooping shots that must have been done with drones, adding some unusual kinetic energy to the chase sequences. Fox is in fine form and Franco is hilarious as the nebbish who is totally unprepared for the real world of vampires. The only problem is that the vampires, other than Audrey, aren’t really that impressive and the movie has a hard time following some the rules it tries to establish. Screenwriters Tyler Tice and Shay Hatton have some interesting ideas, but the follow through is inconsistent. It’s not a deal breaker, but hard core vampire fans will find themselves scratching their heads on more than one occasion. Still, “Day Shift” has a bouncing energy and a comedic spirit that’s difficult to resist and is one of Netflix’s better original offerings! 3 1/2 Out Of 5 for “Day Shift” on Kendog’s Barkometer! So Sayeth The Kendog!

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