Dog’s Movie House: “Air” A Crackerjack Tale Of Nike’s Signing Of Michael Jordan A Must-See!

Howdy Folks! It’s The Kendog with one of the best movies of the young year so far! It’s called “Air” and it details Nike’s courting and eventual signing of a just-drafted Michael Jordan to the shoe contract that would make history. The story revolves around Sonny Vaccaro (a potbellied Matt Damon), a consultant for the basketball shoe division at Nike in 1984. At this time Nike was known for its running shoes and little else as they trailed behind Addidas and Converse in the competitive basketball shoe market. Sonny knows basketball and wants to take a chance to using their entire budget to sign one player: Michael Jordan, who at this point hasn’t even stepped on an NBA court yet. The big problem: Michael wants nothing to do with Nike, so it’s up to Sonny to convince his boss Phil Knight (Ben Affleck) and public relations guru Rob Strasser (the always reliable Jason Bateman) to take a chance that could either make them or break them as a company!

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