Dog’s Movie House: “A Quiet Place Part II” A Worthy Successor To Its Predecessor!”

“A Quiet Place Part II” picks up right after the events of the first film following a harrowing prologue that show what happens to the small town on the first day the savage creatures arrive from the heavens. It’s a masterclass in suspense and sound design that really sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The creatures are fast and savage and don’t slow down for anyone, including our heroes. The Abbotts have to leave their home after it’s pretty much destroyed in the finale of the first film. The family with new baby in tow arrive at a foundry where they are discovered by a former neighbor named Emmett (the excellent Cillian Murphy) who reluctantly takes them in but has given in to despair. Meanwhile, Regan (the magnificent Millicent Simmons) figures out a radio transmission is actually a message of sanctuary and takes off on her own, despite being deaf, to bring her solution to immobilizing the creatures (using feedback from her ear implant) to broadcast at this radio station. Meanwhile, Evelyn (Blunt) has to make a run into town for medication for son Marcus (Noah Jupe) who got his leg stuck in a bear trap on the way to the foundry. She also has to get more oxygen tanks for the baby as the one she’s using to shield the little one when she cries is running out.

Krasinski, while only appearing in front of the camera in flashbacks, takes the reigns as both director and screenwriter here and the results are once again filled with emotion and suspense. The creatures are as scary as ever but a new set of villains in the form of members of the surviving population present themselves to be nearly as dangerous as the alien threat. Each set piece is set up for maximum suspense and while there are some jump scares, most of them are of the red herring variety to set you up for the real danger later in the scene. (The train car sequence comes to mind.)

Blunt is her usual reliable self as Evelyn, now thrust into the role as sole protector now that she is without her husband. Murphy is a good addition to the cast and his arc could have been played broadly, but here is feels real and that’s due to Murphy’s stellar skills as an actor. Jupe is good as Marcus, but I wish he wasn’t written as the one Abbott who has a tendency to do stupid things. I mean, his actions aren’t really stupid, but by comparison to the rest of the family and the experiences they’ve all shared, you’d think Marcus would be showing a little better judgement by now.

Like I said before, Simmons is the backbone of the movie. Her Regan is tough yet vulnerable, determined despite her fear and just a delight to watch. Because Simmons is really deaf, there is an authenticity to the way she communicates her emotions that really gives here a sympathetic quality. You’re rooting for her the whole way and it wonderful to watch her character grow up in front of you.

The film ends somewhat abruptly, but there have been reports that a third film is in the works. If that’s true, I hope Krasinski and his crew are all back for the ride. “A Quiet Place Part II” is a great horror film filled with suspense and heart and is worth seeing at a theater near you! 4 1/2 Out Of 5 On Kendog’s Barkometer! So Sayeth The Kendog!

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